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Lisa Baillon

Artist based in Helsinki, Finland


My name's Lisa, 27 years old, I grew up in Paris and went to college in the north of France, in Supinfocom, where I graduated in 2017 as 3D Film director. Shortly after I flew to Helsinki and this is where I live since then, enjoying sauna and dark winters. I am currently working as Background Layout artist in Gigglebug on Yellow Yeti, and was in the past a 2D/3D generalist in Boutique Animation.

I enjoy storytelling, by design, lighting, staging... Conveying a message in an interesting manner, is something I enjoy doing.

I do not restraint to one area but I really like storyboarding and character design.

I've grown up with my head in comic books, animated cartoons, mangas and heroic fantasy books!

Please contact me for any question at



Softwares I mostly use:
Photoshop, After Effects, C4D, 3DsMax, TvPaint

I am also familiar with:
Illustrator, Nuke

sketch lisa.png
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